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Dr. David Gruder is a clinical and organizational psychologist, an eightaward-winning author, and a highly sought speaker, trainer, and trusted advisor. He is the founder and CEO of Integrity Revolution, which “helps ‘everyday people to world leaders’ create sustainable happiness, health, love and success without sacrificing personal integrity or social responsibility,” through providing Essential Psychological Skills for Extraordinary Businesses, Leaders, and Wellbeing™. Their Integrity Stimulus Plan is a universal, transpartisan, nondenominationally spiritual framework for co-creating integrity-centered sustainable solutions to the vast challenges we face today as individuals, families, communities, businesses, societies and a planet.

Well into his fourth decade as a “Merlin” of personal, relationship and leadership transformation, Dr. Gruder is internationally acclaimed as a foremost expert in how to reconnect integrity with sustainable happiness, health, and prosperity. A frequent guest on many radio talk shows throughout North America, “Radio & Television Interview Reports” has hailed Dr. Gruder as “America’s Integrity Expert.” A trusted advisor to leaders and businesses, he is an Equanicity Resources faculty member and serves as Special Counsel to CEO Space International’s Board & Chairman, in addition to teaching classes for members, providing behind-the-scenes training programs for faculty, club presidents and Forum staff, and serving on the Faculty Integrity Team.

His speaking, training and consulting engagements have ranged from the Sanoviv Medical Institute in Mexico to the Transactional Analysis Institute in Switzerland, from family-run businesses to American Express work teams, from Leaders Causing Leaders to the World President’s Organization, and from the San Diego County Department of Education’s Management Academy to ambassadors to the World Trade Organization. He also served as the founding president of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

A masterful wordsmith in addition to being a psychologist, Dr. Gruder also co-authors books with high profile individuals whose life story offers valuable lessons in personal or professional development, such as the just-released “Conversations With the King,” which he co-authored with Elvis Presley’s stepbrother, David Stanley.

Dr. Gruder’s last book, “The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World,” won six awards for its solutions to today’s massive deficits in personal, relationship, corporate, governmental, and leadership integrity. The website converts this material into a step-by-step self-guided curriculum for integrating your happiness, health, prosperity, and ability to make a positive difference in your chosen spheres of influence. His next book is tentatively titled, The Hijacking of Happiness.

Based in San Diego, CA, with his wife Laurie, Dr. Gruder is also an ordained interfaith clergy, and an Elder with the ManKind Project, an international nonprofit organization of men creating a safer world by stepping into mature masculinity and living in integrity with their life mission.

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